Summer weather is here and that means bikes are making their way out of basements and garages. But with warm weather comes more bike theft. Oak Park police have released tips to deter bicycle thieves. Following these steps, police say, can help deter bicycle thieves. These include:

  • Never let anyone you do not know take your bike for a ride.
  • Beware of two people on one bike. Bicycle thieves often travel in pairs this way.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel someone is going to take your bicycle, shout for help.
  • Stay in the company of friends — there usually is safety in numbers.
  • Think twice about resisting — your bike can be replaced.
  • Call the police immediately if you see anyone suspicious hanging around a bike rack, in a neighbor’s yard or near a garage.
  • Register your bike with the Village of Oak Park. Should your bike be stolen and later recovered the registration provides information about its rightful owner.
  • Never leave your bike unlocked or unattended.
  • Lock your bike even when it is stored in a closed garage, enclosed porch or basement common area.

Police urge parents to share these tips with their children. For more information, call (708) 386-3800, email or talk to your resident beat officer

Meet and greet with new library director

The public is invited to meet David Seleb, Oak Park Public Library’s newest executive director, along with the elected library trustees at a community-wide open house.

The event will be held on Saturday, June 22, from noon to 2 p.m. at the Main Library. Seleb began May 1 in his new leadership role. Four library trustees were sworn in last month. Returning trustees are Bruce Samuels and Matthew Fruth and new trustees Matt Baron and Win Fox. All trustees will serve four-year terms.

Vehicle sticker sales underway

Don’t get caught with a late fee or stuck in line. It’s time to renew Oak Park vehicle stickers.

Every Oak Park resident who owns or leases a vehicle is required to purchase and display a village sticker annually before midnight, July 15. Anyone who misses the deadline must pay a $20 late fee in addition to the cost of the sticker. Failure to display a valid village sticker also could result in a $50 ticket.

Residents whose vehicles already are registered with the village can save 10 percent by renewing online at, rather than via mail or in person at village hall, 123 Madison St.

The online renewal system will continue to be available through July 15, but will automatically assess the late fee after the midnight deadline.

Village to residents: Don’t plant on parkways

In the most recent village newsletter, a reminder was posted to residents warning them of the dangers of planting on village parkways.

According to the newsletter: “Property owners who see the parkways as fertile ground for their green thumbs may actually be putting the trees at risk — not to mention themselves.

Digging on parkways — the space between sidewalks and streets — can damage tree roots as well as utility lines that run from the streets into homes, including high-pressure natural gas lines.”

Most parkway planting rules, such as height restrictions to ensure driver and pedestrian sight lines, are linked to public safety and maintaining the health of the village’s urban forest.

Raised planters and piling mulch up against the trunks of parkway trees — or volcano mulching — are prohibited because of their harmful effect on healthy tree growth. Using fertilizers and pesticides on parkway plantings is also prohibited.

Any resident who wishes to plant something other than grass on the parkway adjacent to his or her property should contact the village’s public works department for guidance prior to purchasing plants or beginning to dig.

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