Courtesy Justin H. S. Breaux

WHAT: The Association for the Advancement of Science Communication (AASC) welcomes UIC Assistant Professor of Kinesiology Jeremy Fransen and yoga instructor Kim Wade who will present the science and art of yoga for fathers and sons in a workshop called Father/Son Science/Yoga.

WHY: Yoga can decrease stress, increase range of motion and strength. Less than 20%, of the over 20 million people doing yoga in the United States, are male. Plus, Yoga is a fun, non-traditional, way for fathers and sons to bond, and address tightness and muscular atrophy problems as they age.

WHERE: Ahimsa Yoga Studio, 441 South Boulevard, Oak Park, IL

WHEN: 3:00 pm on Saturday, June 15 (Father’s Day weekend)

HOW: AASC brings together science and art in a workshop that guides fathers and sons through 6 key poses that positively impact their strength and flexibility with age. These 6 poses will focus on hips, knees, and balance postures.

WHO: The Association for the Advancement of Science Communication (AASC) is a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to teaching scientists to better communicate their ideas to non-scientists through a series of interactive workshops. Our participants are matched with local businesses to create products and services for the benefit of their local communities.

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