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Mayor Emanuel does his best to shine a light on what’s working in Chicago. But a new thriller, THE GREEN LINE, just released by Wells Street Press, does just the opposite. THE GREEN LINE is a riveting legal thriller that exposes not only the underbelly of crime and corruption in Chicago’s roughest neighborhoods, but shines a light on a little-known, often-used, and widely-abused legal maneuver. With summer approaching and travel in and out of the city increasing, the book is a good reminder that Chicago is really a tale of two cities: beautiful, charming, and scenic in some areas, desolate, poor, dangerous, and frightening in others. The story begins with a terrifying start, as a young associate from one of Chicago’s most prestigious law firms mistakenly boards the Green Line late one night and finds herself alone in a car with two thugs. She soon realizes that she’s safer getting off the train in one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago, rather than stay aboard with the men that seem willing and ready to assault her. But as she walks the streets that rainy night, she sees things she won’t soon forget. And when she meets a kind stranger who needs her help, everything changes. Soon her job, her home, and even her life are in jeopardy.

The story is intelligent, complex, and well-researched—a perfect addition to the summer beachread list. The author, E.C. Diskin, a former attorney, long-time Chicagoan, and first-time novelist, spent nearly a decade working on the book. She aimed to create a fast-paced, accessible story, in the vein of a Grisham or Crichton novel that would not only entertain, but bring attention to a disturbing and controversial legal maneuver widely utilized in Chicago and across the country.

And if the reviews are accurate, it looks like Diskin succeeded. Kirkus Reviews called The Green Line, “suspenseful and satisfying,” Windy City Reviews called it “a fast, fascinating read” with “riveting characters…a nuanced plot, and an insightful and interesting look at the practice of law in today’s America,” and Reader Views called it “fast paced, carefully researched, driven by a complex plot, nonstop suspense, and page turning action.”

The Green Line has just launched on in both paperback and e-book and should be available through other major retailers by mid-June.

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