Steve Skidmore has been reunited with his class ring. If you recall our May 1 story [Lost and found, News, May 1], the former Oak Park resident, and Baylor University grad, thought his 1970 class ring was long gone, but it washed up in the backyard of Kevin and Deb Quantock McCarey, following the April floods. Officer John Duggan of the Oak Park Police Department went out of his way to track down Skidmore, who once lived in the McCareys’ house, and they received the following note from Oregon last week:

“Guess what? The ring was waiting for me yesterday in my P.O. box. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Thank you to Officer Duggan as well. I will let him know that it arrived safely. A happy end to a great story. Looking forward to having it cleaned up by a jeweler friend and wearing it on a daily basis. And telling the story about it many times.”

A story 43 years in the telling.


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