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According to the National Bike Registry, an estimated 1.5 million bicycles are stolen every year. In Oak Park, many locals claim bike theft as the reason they don’t or won’t bike more often. This year during National Bike Month, Greenline Wheels (GLW) is hoping to do something about this fear. Through the month of May, GLW is making bike locks available at wholesale cost and distributing anti-bike theft messaging.

“According to the Village of Oak Park bike theft maps, many stolen bicycles aren’t even locked up,” explains Abigail Miller, manager at Greenline Wheels. “We hope people pay attention to the simple anti-theft tips and take advantage of the bike lock discount.”

GLW has also enlisted the help of the Village of Oak Park, partnering to create anti-bike theft PSA videos to be broadcast on the village YouTube channel. Those interested in purchasing a wholesale bike lock should stop by Greenline Wheels during the month of May. Limit five locks per household per visit. Download the anti-bike theft PSAs on the Greenline Wheels website,

Other tips Greenline Wheels suggests:

  • Register your bike (for free) at Village Hall or Greenline Wheels
  • Invest in a quality lock that cannot easily be cut
  • Lock up your bike when not in use, even if stored indoors (like a garage)
  • Lock your bike in highly visible, high traffic areas
  • Lock to immoveable objects, avoid poles that can be lifted out of the ground
  • Report suspicious activity near bike racks

Greenline Wheels, L3C

Greenline Wheels, an Illinois L3C, seeks to reinforce the values of the Oak Park-River Forest community and contribute to its vibrancy by renting ecologically friendly transportation, encouraging safe cycling in the local area, and promoting engagement with local businesses and organizations.

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