Let me offer a few ideas for President-Elect Anan Abu-Taleb’s consideration regarding parking:

  1. Create I-Pass-like prepaid parking ticket accounts. Motorists choosing this “P-Fine” option will never suffer late payment penalties and will hardly notice the fines, just as I-Pass users hardly notice tolls.
  2. Issue three get-out-of-parking-jail-free coupons with each village vehicle registration. Coupons can be submitted in lieu of fine payments. Coupons can be electronically attached to P-Fine accounts.
  3. Hold a monthly contest with a $100 prize for identifying the stupidest Oak Park parking rule. Let’s start with ticketing folks for parking outside the bagel shop at 5:30 a.m. in violation of the “overnight” parking ban.
  4. Instead of ticketing first-time, out-of-town offenders, put a flyer on their car that says, “Thanks for visiting Oak Park. Unfortunately, our parking regulations are complicated. Please consider using our parking garages. Here’s a 50%-off garage parking coupon for your next visit. Hope to see you soon.”

Bob Stigger

Oak Park

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