Election Day is almost here and, happily, voters have real choices in several races. Both River Forest and Oak Park offer clear and distinct options in the races for village president. No mere echoes, picking between Adduci and Gibbs or Abu-Taleb and Hedges will make a difference in where our villages head.

At the high school we share, good choices abound in what we think is a critical election. While there are people we believe are to be avoided, the harder issue for voters will be to choose a final four from among a very strong roster of candidates.

Here is a recap of the endorsements Wednesday Journal made last week. Election Day is next Tuesday, April 9:

  • Oak Park village president: John Hedges
  • River Forest village president: Cathy Adduci
  • River Forest village trustees: Tom Cargie, Roma Colwell-Steinke, Tom Dwyer
  • District 200 OPRF school board: Tom Cofsky, Melanie McQueen, Jackie Moore, Jeff Weissglass
  • District 90 River Forest school board: Roman Ebert, Anne Gottlieb, David Latham, Patrick Meyer

You can find all of the endorsements at oakpark.com/elections

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