I am both proud and honored to be endorsed by Wednesday Journal for a second term on the River Forest District 90 school board. I ran four years ago after being recruited because I was often a weekly volunteer in all of my three sons’ classrooms. I have lived in River Forest for almost my entire life and attended both Willard and Roosevelt schools.

When I became a parent of school-age children in River Forest, I felt the need to give back and be the most involved father I could be. My motivation comes from losing my own father when I was a sixth-grader at Roosevelt. The teachers and staff were paramount in helping me and my family recover from such a tragedy. It taught me that the schools should not be looked at only as academic institutions, but as important support structures for the families of our community.

My growing up and living in River Forest, of course, does not alone qualify me to be a member of the school board. It does, though, give me a unique perspective since I actually attended the schools I represent and now also have the view of both parent and taxpayer. I can appreciate the great history and reputation our schools have but also know the necessity of change to make future progress.

Besides my personal history in the village, my work experience also qualifies me to be an effective member of the school board. I am a former CPA and this financial education has given me a solid background in understanding the complicated D90 finances. My current job also contributes to my qualifications. I own a small printing company, and I have to balance the needs of my employees and customers, all while trying to make a profit. I have to deal with complicated human resource issues, health-care costs, union negotiations, budget issues; all very similar to topics that have been presented to the board over the years I have served.

After serving a first four-year term, I feel that my work is not yet done. I have enjoyed my time working closely with the superintendent, other administrators, teachers and fellow board members, and I believe my experience is invaluable. As Wednesday Journal wrote last week, there is no “learning curve” for me. I am ready to roll from day one. I know the current issues the school board is dealing with, and I am fully aware of the important ones coming down the road in the near future.

I am asking for another term on the D90 school board so I can continue to serve the schools, the children and the people of River Forest. I ask for your vote on April 9.

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