I am writing to encourage your readers to vote for Julie MacCarthy for District 200 school board. I have known Julie for over four years and am impressed with her commitment to contribute to Oak Park and River Forest. She volunteers for the Animal Care League, Oak Park Food Pantry, and is a member of the Park District Citizen Committee.

Her background as a former English teacher, arts program administrator, and single mother make her a well-rounded individual. She is highly qualified to be on this board as she is open-minded, will listen, and act with intelligence upon issues that are currently important to both Oak Park and River Forest residents.

I do not have children attending either districts 97 or 200, but as a property owner, I do know how intricately both are intertwined. Good schools = high property values. Living in Oak Park for almost 25 years, I have seen the school struggle with all kinds of issues. But I think they are moving in the right direction. In the last couple of years, I have attended some high school events because my friends’ kids participate in many of the programs they offer. I have been impressed by the great kids I have met and the faculty who are teaching them.

Teachers, administrators and parents have to work together to make our school the best it can be. Julie has been a teacher, is a parent and worked with administrators in her past jobs and is willing to use her skills to take our school to the next level.

Julie will work with current and new D200 school board members to ensure that we continue to make our district strong and growing in the right direction.

Please join me on April 9 to elect Julie MacCarthy to this very important position in our community.

Lisa Dodge

Oak Park

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