Steve Nations has my vote for District 200 school board. With so many good people running for four open seats, why Steve Nations? Simple. Steve is the “glue” this board desperately needs in order to function effectively. What do I mean by “glue”? Steve improves groups by listening first, learning what others have to offer, and then complementing the skills of the other members of the group, typically with common-sense insights and connective action. No, Steve is not a wonkish academic (but he is a teacher); he is not the chief financial officer of a sophisticated company (he is, however, the owner operator of a profitable local business); and he is surely not a politician (though he hungers to serve our community).

Steve is an engineer who works directly with real people, advising them on how to save energy, save money, and save a small part of our environment with common-sense solutions. Let’s give Steve Nations the opportunity to bring some common sense solutions to District 200.

Steven Poe

Oak Park

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