John Hedges. File photo

I wish to endorse John Hedges for village president in four words: perspective, progressive, conservative, and universal.

Perspective: Rarely do we have a candidate for village office who has had to deal with the village president across the table and beside him. John was the executive director of our parks, our acting village manager and has had to deal with Oak Park governance from every possible direction. He has shown maturity, steadiness and the ability to represent the interests of Oak Park’s citizen in different executive roles.

Progressive: John has either initiated or strongly supported most of Oak Park’s most progressive ideas in his multiple roles in government. And when he doesn’t, he listens to other’s arguments. John has changed his positions when opposing arguments swayed his social and economic conscience.

Conservative: (note the small “c”) John is unwilling to make radical changes for the sake of change. He looks for continued performance of ideas in place and demands that any idea must be an improvement before it results in the elimination of an old idea. Oak Park is a village that has grown strong by keeping the successful, experimenting with innovative, rejecting the foolish and putting in place the dramatic improvement.

Universal: John is universal. He is involved with many activities which give life in Oak Park meaning. He is a key participant in making breakfast, lunch and tea with Santa at Cheney Mansion a success every year, yielding shrieks of joy in children and yielding large numbers of toy donations. And he knows every other volunteer who has joined him there. Look anywhere in the village — you’ll see just plain John pitching in.

Rarely have we as citizens had such a sterling candidate for village president. Please join me in voting overwhelmingly for John Hedges.

Frank Vozak

Oak Park

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