Poor Phil's BluesBurger, courtesy David Hammond

The mystery dish in this month’s Name that Restaurant game was the BluesBurger from Poor Phil’s.

The winner of this month’s game is Courtney Seifert, who told us, “I knew this dish was from Poor Phil’s because of the way it was presented. With that green and white checkered paper in a basket, there’s no mistaking that it’s from Phil’s.”

Another give-away – we’re guessing – was the flag perched on top of the bun, a signature Poor Phil’s move.

At oakpark.com/Wednesday Journal, we knew the plating was going to be a huge clue; that’s okay because the hamburger may have looked like others in town. But make no mistake: the BluesBurger is a singularly delicious sandwich.

There is something about blue cheese and beef that combines beautifully. The sharpness of the cheese contrasts with the fattiness of the meat, and the richness of cheese matches the richness of the meat in a way that just isn’t possible with the standard American cheese topper on cheeseburgers.

The tater tots, long a staple side at Poor Phil’s, is a classic that has, oddly, become a trendy item at some of Chicago’s newer restaurants, like Trenchermen and The Boarding House, where they hand-craft their own potato plugs, filling them with pickles and pork, respectively.

For Seifert, though, dining at Poor Phil’s is all about the salmon, which she says is “cooked perfectly and dressed with delicious aioli. I choose the mashed sweet potatoes to pair it with because they are some of the best I have ever tasted! But it’s usually a tough decision because many of the sides are just as great.”

Watch this blog for the next Name that Restaurant mystery pic.

But be forewarned, now that you’re getting used to the game, don’t expect us to be so obvious with the plating!

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