Those who believe corporations are, in fact, persons will not like this letter. Those who believe the notion that “corporations are persons” is legal legerdemain will like it.

Over 150 communities throughout our country approved resolutions last November supporting a constitutional amendment that at least requires Congress to rein in campaign contributions and spending.

My proposal is that Oak Park follow the lead of the 65% of voters in Pueblo, Colo., a conservative constituency, who approved the following: a resolution backing an amendment stating that “money is not speech and, therefore, limiting political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting political speech,” and that “the inherent rights of mankind recognized under the United States Constitution belong to natural human beings only, and not to legally created entities, such as corporations.” (My source: John Nichols, “The Election Reform Moment,” The Nation, Feb. 18, 2013, p. 25.)

It is too late, I assume, for any such resolution to appear on our village ballot this April. Might not one be readied, however, for the following election cycle? Though I am too old and tired — I am approaching 90 years — to lead any such effort, I will help as much as I can those like-minded and younger who will take up the cause.

John B. Shipley
Oak Park

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