I recently learned that River Forest District 90 plans to spend over a million dollars, supposedly because of safety concerns involving parents picking up and depositing children at Roosevelt School.

This information only reached me when I learned that D90 was asking to make Oak Street one way permanently and to add more parking. For members of the community at large who do not have children in school, the board seems to be trying to operate under the radar to get their way. I read the local papers regularly and have not seen any articles about these plans, although I now understand there was one Wednesday Journal article in June, 2012.

I have received multiple “postcard mailers” from the district, but not one has mentioned this plan or its cost. As part of their proposal, they also plan to remove at least half of the parking lot next to the River Forest Public Library and landscape it with trees, a rain garden, etc., as a “gathering place” for students. This appears to be a lot of money for something that is unnecessary, when students could “gather” in the huge gymnasium that was built some years ago.

We have lived in the village more than 35 years and have supported every school referendum. Now, with taxes increasing as rapidly as they have, this is no time to spend money on landscaping. I applaud the changes made to the exterior of the school last summer; that was money well spent. It seems to me, however, and to many of my friends who also knew nothing about this, that the board could pause and reflect on ways to make safety a priority without spending so much money.

Frances T. Coe
River Forest

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