Several years ago, I served on the park board in Oak Park. As a result of my experiences, I have come to believe that financial acumen, a healthy dose of humility, communication skills, and persistence are the key qualities necessary for effective political leadership.

We are fortunate in Oak Park to have many candidates and officials who possess these qualities. But in April, I plan to vote for the one I know for sure possesses these characteristics: Jeff Weissglass, candidate for the District 200 school board.

Jeff has earned my vote because he appreciates the excellence that is hard-wired into our high school, but he also advocates better academic and fiscal management. I trust Jeff to facilitate change at the high school without eroding what works or alienating core constituencies.

On multiple occasions, I have seen Jeff engage diverse audiences for the purpose of developing perspective and finding solutions to complex problems. I trust Jeff to build the coalitions that we need to truly address the financial and academic challenges that lie ahead.

Above all, Jeff possesses the integrity, experience, and fortitude that are required for elected office. I trust Jeff to make sound decisions and to work tirelessly on behalf of all stakeholders in OPRF High School.

Please join me in making our high school a better place. Vote for Jeff Weissglass in April.

Tom Philion

Oak Park

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