Inspired by the upcoming Academy Awards this Sunday, I find a most unique local Dress shop: the perfect place to start planning for a wedding or the Prom!

Erica’s Tailor & Dress shop in Oak Park is brimming full of sequined tulle, guilted lace & lots of sparkly stuff!   The owner, Erica Tserendorj, is a skilled seamstress and tailor who specialize in providing professional, custom alterations & dress design for men and women, delivering the best possible fit at reasonable prices.

Growing up in Mongolia, Erica was trained in apparel pattern making & traditional hand hand – stitched quilting by her parents.  She found her way to Oak Park, with her young  family and began working in house for Spaulding’s Mens & Womens Clothing shop.  After they closed she opened her bridal shop in Oak Park, and recently expanded to a new, larger location on Madison.

She is also amazing at curtains, pillows, and making coats out of a tribal blanket!  Of course my favorite thing about the Oscar’s is the red-carpet pageant; who is best dressed, and what they are wearing!  If you are in need of a bit of glamorous inspiration for an upcoming black tie event, the Prom or your own nuptials, head into Erica’s Dress shop for a showcase of dressy garments and accessories!                                   

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Suze Solari

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