Courtesy Carla Gini

A break-in? A car through the front door? Indoor cycling class gone horribly awry? There have been a number of guesses, some quite entertaining, as to why Greenline Wheels has looked a little beat up lately. The true story is that Greenline Wheels has received some exciting, and very much planned, updates to its storefront.

All the windows have been replaced with energy efficient windows that will reduce energy waste and costs. Additionally, new transom windows will allow the shop to keep air circulating to avoid using air conditioning as often as possible this summer.

As for that beautiful new door? Greenline Wheels actually widened the doorway about 8 inches and added automatic door openers. This extra space will allow their Freedom Concepts Tandem, the special needs tricycle they rent for free to families who can use it, to roll through more easily. Before the updates, the entire tricycle had to be turned on its side to get through the door.

“We want to make the Freedom Concepts Tricycle as accessible as possible,” explains Abigail Miller, General Manager of Greenline Wheels. “Our social mission drives us to address any issue that keeps somebody from cycling, whether a minor structural issue at the shop or a village-wide policy, a personal disability or a lack of equipment.”

Greenline Wheels is happy to report only good news from Oak Park’s “Bike Rental Hub.” They continue to tout their winter programming which includes indoor cycling classes, private sessions for cycle clubs, and open riding throughout the week. With some unseasonably warm temperatures, Greenline Wheels has even continued to rent bikes throughout the winter months.

For more information, please contact Abigail Miller, 708-725-7170, or by email at

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