Courtesy Martha Swisher

It’s been a tough time for green ash lovers, since the arrival of the emerald ash borer. The village has been taking ash trees down by the dozen because all are doomed by this voracious, invasive predator.

Most of those are happening on the village-owned parkways, but homeowners are left to deal with ash trees on their own property.

One can be found at the corner of Forest and Erie, where a grieving homeowner has attached a gold bow and a love letter with a photo of this tree in better times:

“It is time to say farewell to our beautiful ash tree,” the letter states. “Ash trees can live to be 150-250 years, and judging by the size, we think it has made it pretty far.

“I have been wanting to pay tribute to this tree before it must be taken away. It did not seem right just to cut it down without remembering.

“I have hung my mistletoe from the branch so that this tree enjoys a lot of love in these last days.

“This tree has given so much in its lifetime, so let’s share some love back and “Kiss.”

Oak Parkers get very attached to their trees. They become part of our homes, our histories, our families. If you would like to help this Oak Parker pay last respects, stop by 231 Forest (a block

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