Courtesy Karen Stoner

Local poet Neil DiLauro has released the second edition of “Bodily Matters / Poems of Neil DiLauro.”

“I wanted to update the first edition with, among other things, a couple of essays. In ‘The Death of the Puer,’ one of the essays, I respect Whitman, considered by many to be our greatest American poet, and make my way through his poetry. Still respecting him, in this essay, I declare my own voice and authority as an American poet. The book is very strong, but people seem to be appreciating it.”

DiLauro also has great affinity for poets Rumi and William Blake, to name a few.

Six months out of the year, DiLauro, who has been writing poetry for 15 years, works as an asphalt-maintenance worker for his brother’s sealcoating company in the west and northwest suburbs. The tough task involves repairing existing asphalt in grueling heat. But this income is what DiLauro uses to travel internationally off-season, inspiring his poetry. This particular winter, though, he has stayed close to his Oak Park home to self-publish his book.

Not only has he produced his own literary works, he also developed a beautiful website, In here he lists some of his favorite books, including those by Sri Aurobindo, Rumi, Amy Tan and psychologist Carl Jung. The beautiful preface to Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” is prominently displayed. DiLauro selected a lavish art background of eastern and western images weaved together. The website shows some of his own personal art from home, and photos from travels abroad. To read more about DiLauro’s book and find excerpts, visit his website,

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