Boots, deedee & eddee

Ahhh, the Holidays are over and the kids are back in school where they belong!  Although if you had been at my house over the break, you would not know I had children from the basement -dwelling obsessive online Minecraft gaming!

Its Sunny, but cold and I am all of a sudden in a mighty rush to get that tree down and all trace of Christmas packed up neatly into its hidey-hole for another year.  Enter my favorite uniform since the food binge began some many weeks past: think legging pants, stretchy cotton long t-shirt, long cardigans, tunics & riding boots.

This new daily Uni is so perfect for hard labor around the house, and then a nap if so needed after said labor.  I have come to the right location in Forest Park to source my slouchy – chic outfit: dedee & eddee & Madison Street Shoes, just a block way from each other, and lovely large shops full of ideas.

You have heard of the Miracle swim suit, right? Its been around for a while, now they are making ‘Miracle Body’ clothing – incorporating the same techniques of compression-wear for a firming, flattering silhouette.  I find a pair of dark denim skinnies that are not too skinny, for $120.  Boots: RUN to get a pair at HALF off, I love the ‘Fly London’ wedge, tall boots in brown, perfect for tucking in my new skinnies, or leggings!

Madison Street Shoes is home to a plethora of lovely light weight flow-y cardigans: the game changing garment that skims the body ever so slightly providing comfort & style.  Exactly what I need over a white t-shirt, to complete my new uniform.

Tune in next week of read about my New Years Style Resolutions for 2013!

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