Twenty more children gunned down. Let’s hear it for the NRA and the pointless misguided defenders of the Second Amendment.

Let’s get the “This is an insanity issue, not a gun control issue” defense, out of way right away. Obviously this armed gunman was insane. But how much damage could this insane person have done with a knife? Think he could have killed 27 people? Twenty children? Please don’t duck that question. Just give me a number.

How many innocents (who died because of the millions spent defending this perpetrators’ right to commit mayhem) could have been stabbed in the Portland mall? The Colorado movie theatre? This Connecticut school?

What is it going to take for the NRA to quit whining about why they defend the right to allow this to happen? Is there a body count that has not yet been reached? Will it take one of their own children to be senselessly slaughtered before some sanity starts to creep into the collective consciousness of these arrogant, misguided zealots?

I know the comments that will come from this. Heard them a million times before. They will make just as much sense as they always have. None. And yet more people keep dying. More children keep having their lives cut short.

Long live the NRA.

For the rest of us to live long, I suggest home schooling, online shopping and Netflix.

Let the misguided whining begin.

Bernie Pitzel

Oak Park

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