The planning part of Oak Park’s next comprehensive plan is missing one aspect — public input. The village needs the public’s help in updating the more than 20-year-old document, which is long overdue, according to Craig Failor. The root of the problem may be that people aren’t sure what a compressive plan exactly is or does.

“It’s simple and it’s complex,” Failor explained. “It’s a guiding document that the village board, staff and the boards and commissions use to determine how to determine how the community is developed.”

In working with the consultant, Houseal Lavigne Associates, the village is aiming to address 21 categories, which includes community development, community design, transit orientation, energy and green building (including life cycles of materials), housing, transportation, public facilities, historic preservation, land use planning, economy, child care, elder care, public safety, diversity, education, environmental justice and sustainability, public health, arts and culture, tourism, parks and recreation, and public participation.

But in order to get that last item, it’s important the public weigh in, Failor said. Another community-wide meeting is scheduled for February.

“It really sets the foundation for decision making based on what the community says,” Failor said. That includes filling out the form posted online at “It’s the community’s roadmap. … It’s a very important document in the village, if not the most important document.”

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