If you’ve ever watched your kitten sleep, you know they’re natural experts in the art of creature comforts.

But from sleeping in a kitten pack with littermates to finding a soft place of their own (often in your bed), your “Forever Young” senior cat never loses its need to be comfortable and pleasant environment.

But as their preference for where, when, and how to lounge may change, it doesn’t lessen their desire for life’s niceties.

A few suggestions…

If your older cat suffers from arthritis, or is less agile, provide softer bedding as well as more readily accessible resting places.  They may also need ramps or steps to help them reach higher locations.

To help them keep their litter habits healthy, provide additional litter boxes and/or a box on every floor of the home.

Be aware of any new environmental stresses and whenever possible minimize any type of household change. Playing soothing or classical music while you’re away from home can often help.

Add a nightlight to aid with low-light vision.

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