Yep, it’s me, Animal Care League’s “Forever Young” spokescat Zander.  I know this photo makes me look a little too content for some people’s preference.  I get it.  My friend Bridget calls this the visual definition of “been there, done that.”  Maybe, maybe not.  But as the most senior member of the “Forever Young” tribe, I’ve learned to accept who I am and what life has so far given me.

I came to ACL because I was looking for a home.  A nice home.  Well, on my journey I wandered into someone’s basement.  Although the people there couldn’t keep me, they knew of a place that could.

Granted, I have a few marks against me.  For starters, I AM a senior.  I  don’t really like to be carried, though I’m happy to jump up in a friendly lap.  I’m a “One and Only”, which means I need to be the only kitty or only pet.  With a resume like that, one learns to purr away the stress and stigma.

I’ll also be an affectionate companion and real sweetheart.  I love being petted and often roll on y back to say thanks.  I enjoy meeting the many people that visit me in my adoption suite and truly believe my own familiy is out there.

But, I’m so glad about the huge responsibility this is for me.  I’ve had time to get to know everybody and the great thing about my young at heart family is our personalities have a wide range: chatty or shy; playful or chill, multi- or only.  Why not pay us a visit and get to know us.  Who knows what we can bring to the quality of your life.

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