Voters at the Oak Park Village Hall on Oct. 22. David Pierini/Staff Photographer

By the time this hits the news boxes, we may or may not know who our next president is. Wednesday Journal heads to the printer before that decision was made.

Before Election Day, however, we know that more than 8,000 voters registered their votes in Oak Park.

Early voting ended Nov. 2, and in Oak Park alone, the numbers surpassed the 2008 early voting totals by more than 500 ballots. This year’s early voting tab hit 8,767, which included the 324 residents who voted on opening day. The total number of early voters in suburban Cook County was up more than 2,000 voters compared to 2008, reaching 228,695.

The early voters set new records for all three types of pre-Election Day voting, according to a news release. Nearly twice as many people registered and voted during the grace period, mail ballot applications surged 41 percent and Early Voting turnout surpassed the previous record set in 2008, Cook County Clerk David Orr announced Monday.

“More than a half million Cook County voters — 20 percent of all registered voters —have already voted,” he said Monday. “Voters are enthusiastic about this election and have taken advantage of the many convenient options for casting a ballot.”

The 2008 early-voting period was five days shorter, which may partly explain this year’s increase of 2,881 more suburban Cook County voters participating.

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