What is happening this election year is proof that the U.S. Supreme Court Citizens United decision is a huge threat to our democracy. Democracy means one person, one vote. When corporations can give huge amounts of money to a candidate, it is ludicrous to believe that they will not have more influence than an ordinary citizen. If we are looking to have the U.S. continue to go more in the direction of a corporatocracy, then we are going in the “right” direction.

The truth is that corporations are not people; money is not speech. Please support the ballot initiative in Oak Park Township on Nov. 6 by voting YES on the advisory referendum which, among other things, is for overturning Citizens United by a constitutional amendment. There are many other states and municipalities that have done this or are in the process of doing this, including Chicago.

The exact wording of the advisory referendum on the Oak Park Township ballot is as follows: Vote Yes to Abolish Corporate Personhood:

“Shall the people of Oak Park stand with communities across the country in requesting that our village, county, state, and federal representatives enact resolutions and legislation including consideration for amending the Constitution of the United States to establish that a) Political money is not the same as speech, and therefore that money should be regulated; and b) The rights guaranteed by the Constitution were and are primarily intended for human beings not corporations.”

Paul Sakol

31-year resident of Oak Park

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