Salaries among administrators at both Oak Park public school districts increased in the last year. Superintendents top the list of highest paid employees at elementary school District 97and high school District 200. School districts are required by the state to release salary information for their certified staff. Both D97 and Oak Park and River Forest High School release their data annually each fall.

D97 Supt. Albert Roberts, who was hired in 2010, received a three-year contract extension last month that includes a roughly 2 1/2 percent raise. According to salary data released by D97, Roberts currently makes roughly $214,000 in base salary. His counterpart at OPRF, Steven Isoye, earns a base salary of $208,000. Isoye was also hired as superintendent in 2010.

Factoring in retirement and other benefits, salaries for teachers and administrators at both school districts trend higher.

According to data from OPRF, Isoye’s salary scale includes roughly $43,000 in health, pension and “other benefits.”

OPRF has roughly 150 faculty members. D97 has 460 faculty members. Only about a dozen D97 staff in the teaching ranks make $100,000 or more. Those staff members include special ed instructors, as well as school psychologists who are classified as teachers. Teacher and administrator salaries historically have been published by the Illinois State Board of Education. In 2009, a new state law required school districts to publicly release its teacher and administrative salaries. Public universities and community colleges also fall under the law, which was signed by Gov. Pat Quinn in August of that year.

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