I was baffled by the recent political polls report that women are now favoring Governor Romney as their choice for president. He has agreed with every draconian law that the Republican Party has proposed that would be neglectful, expensive, and even harmful to women. These proposed laws concern many women’s’ needs – the right of choice, and imperative women’s’ health care such as mammograms, contraceptives, pre-natal care, and care for unwed mothers.

Governor Romney has also agreed to discontinue all government help to Planned Parenthood clinics which happen to be the only clinics available to serve women’s health care needs in many communities throughout our nation.

Additionally, it is shocking to me that Governor Romney has changed his positions and moral views since becoming a candidate for the presidency and represents the Tea Party influenced Republican Party platform. He now states he would eliminate Obama’s health care reform even though much of the present plan was what he strongly supported in Massachusetts.

He recently supported the re-election of the Republican Congressman who stated that rape of women can be justifiable! The Mitt Romney who was well respected by both parties and proudly represented his faith is not the Mitt Romney, the candidate for president. He is now the man who would allow laws now proposed which include changes in Medicare to voucher programs that would be so costly to the elderly.

During the debates, Governor Romney expressed his concern for women’s poverty levels, but he did not agree to equal pay for equal work and certainly, eliminating women’s health services will only increase poverty for women and their households.

It is shameful that this new Romney is willing to forego his once humanitarian views to now embrace the far right Republican Tea Party to be a presidential candidate. Is this Governor Romney the man women should desire for President?

Harriet Hausman

River Forest

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