Legend has it that Oak Park has a mysterious past. For the second year, there’s a chance for people to experience its spookier side by bike, rickshaw or Segway.

But what would make three local businesses stir up such stories?

“To offer a glimpse into the darker side of this seemingly quiet suburb,” states a promotion from Oak Park Segway.

Think you know Oak Park? Think again.

With the help of Oak Park Segway, Greenline Wheels and Rickshaw Rick’s Tours and Taxis, those curious enough to find out can join in on a two-hour tour every Saturday and Sunday through the end of the October. Starting at 6:30 p.m., tours kick off at 715 Lake St. and travel to a number of undisclosed locations where guests get an earful of tales that may keep them up nights, thinking Oak Park isn’t quite as quaint as they thought.

Rest assured, the tour guides say the trip is family friendly.

“It’s about doing and trying something different,” said Cecelia Thornton, who owns Oak Park Segway with her husband Luke. “It’s more than trick-or-treating. It’s a unique family outing. It’s something different to do that’s fun and entertaining.”

Decorating a house, eating candy, and trick-or-treating are a few ways to spend the holiday, Thornton said, but getting schooled in scary stories, all claiming to be true, about Oak Park’s past is better.

Participants must be 14 to drive a Segway, but the younger ones can follow along on bikes; those wanting to cruise along without effort can rely on Rickshaw Rick.

“It definitely can be a family event,” Thornton said. You don’t have to get babysitting.”

For more information about the tour, call Oak Park Segway at 708-574-1134, email info@oakparksegway.com or visit oakparksegway.com/ghostlytales. Tours are $44 per person or $40 per person for a group rate of at least four.

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