On a beautiful, brisk Saturday a couple of weeks ago, I discovered a jewel on the streets of Harrison, the Oak Park Arts District. The lively festival taking place included an eclectic sampling of music featuring the Oak Park Ukulele Group, the legendary Lance Brown, General Patton and his Privates, George Bailey, Charles Torpe — a potpourri of folk, jazz and blues. I stopped at Eastgate Café and was delighted by the continuation of culture, music and poetry opportunities.

I browsed the street and viewed so many unique, warm galleries and boutiques. The community is vibrant and embracing. Being an artist myself, I was impressed with the flavor and quality of the varied, one-of-a-kind pieces, definitely a place to do your holiday shopping for sure. Holiday Lights on Nov. 16 and 17 promises to be full of unique surprises.

As a business person, I am drawn to this community for many reasons. I have been a realtor in the western suburbs for 20 years and see a trend of clients embracing a more urban feel. With Harrison Street a hop, skip and a jump to the highway, the Arts District is a gateway to Chicago and Oak Park.

As the buzz in the biz goes: location, location, location. That being said, I am proud and pleased to announce my new affiliation with O’Connor Realty. I am looking forward to introducing new business and families and embracing opportunities this unique and growing community has to offer.

Lynn West

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