On Saturday, October 6, in recognition of the Chicago Marathon, and to help runners carbo-load in the most delicious possible way, Cucina Paradiso will open at 4pm and offer complimentary “runners bread pudding” to all marathon participants.

For those who want to add some vegetables and calories to their carbs, Cucina Paradiso offers a variety of pasta dishes – like Linguine Artichoke and Penne Arrosto –with fresh ingredients to help boost carbohydrate intake. If you’re going to put your body to the test for the day, might as well do something nice for it before the hard part begins.

Then on Tuesday, October 16 through Thursday, October 18th, in recognition of the anniversary of this family-owned restaurant, Cucina Paradiso will offer guests 17% off their entire night’s food bill (not including beverages or other promotions), including seasonal dishes such as Pumpkin Ravioli, Rigatoni Spinaci and Wild Mushroom Pizza.

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David Hammond

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