Sharon Patchak-Layman, a longtime member of both the OPRF and District 97 school boards, has suggested a fix to D97’s space issues at its current location. Patchak-Layman told Wednesday Journal last week that she thinks D97 should move its central office locations to OPRF.

D97 and the Park District of Oak Park are currently exploring whether to build a shared facility on the village hall parking lot. Patchak-Layman, a former two-term D97 board member, thinks the high school has plenty of space to accommodate D97 administrators and staff. The high school, she noted, is doing its own facilities’ master planning. She also insists having both OPRF and D97 administrators under one roof will improve communication and the sharing of ideas between the two sides.

Sharing building resources, including the board room, would also be a cost-saving plus. She brought up her suggestion to fellow OPRF board members at their meeting on Thursday. It doesn’t appear that D97, or for that matter the park district, is aware of her suggestion, but likely will by the end of this week.

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