Hushpuppy and her father, Wink, survey the "Bathtub" in "Beasts of the Southern Wild."

One of our resident film buffs (and art film advocate) Bill Higgins sent the following enticement to see Beasts of the Southern Wild, which continues its run at The Lake, where it was the second highest grossing film of the Labor Day weekend:

“Kudos to the Lake Theatre for bringing Beasts of the Southern Wild to Oak Park. Lynne and I saw it last month in Evanston when it was only being shown in four theaters, and we didn’t think The Lake would be booking this film.

“Shame on me for not thinking they would add it for a normal run and not just to the successful monthly “First Tuesday Club” schedule. I urge you to see this outstanding, first-time, independently-produced movie with outstanding first-time lead performers.

“The story, also very timely (Hurricane Isaac), takes place in the outermost islands of Louisiana, depicting a group of poor residents who have learned to survive the elements. It features a 6-year-old girl who yearns for her lost mother, and whose father tries to educate her in the necessary survival skills of her difficult life. It is a powerful story of love, understanding and survival under dire conditions. Roger Ebert predicts it will be one of the best films this year.

“This movie is another example of what many of our villagers have been asking the Lake Theatre to show. I can almost guarantee that those who see it will enjoy it, and the theater management will be pleased with the turnout.

“Keep these kinds of movies coming and we won’t ever have to look to Evanston or Chicago for quality films.”

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