I’m a grandma now, and I can honestly say I’m loving it. Great-grandparent, too, and loving it even more. There’s so much to say, so much to do, so much to write about, so much to tell, so much to learn, I’m gonna need help. Can you help?

I remember when my kids were young toddlers. I’ll tell you about mine and you tell me about yours. We’ve so much to talk about.

Well anyway, here’s the first story line: It’s about kids (of course). A few months ago, I kept one of my great-grandsons (Trevor) for a week. He’s a crawler. Crawled all over the floor, following me around: kitchen, dining room, den, etc. I had to make sure to keep him in my sight. I kept saying, “OK, Trevor, let’s go to the kitchen.” I have to cook or work on one of my projects. I’m working on the “Great American Spelling Bee,” and he’s crawling everywhere. His mom hadn’t brought his swing or walker, and I didn’t want to step on him.

Soooo, here’s what I did: You may remember the little red wagon (Radio Flyer), which I used way back then with my five children. They all fit in that little red wagon. Didn’t have one though for Trevor.

Well, I had some empty cardboard boxes, one of them resembled that little red wagon, (it was red), so I made a hole near the top, put a rope (an old telephone coil) in the hole, tied a knot, put him in the box, and pulled him all over the kitchen, living room, den, etc. He just loved it, and so did I! It was great — reminded me of my kids when I used to pull them in the little red wagon, taking toys, getting groceries, etc.

It was so much fun reminiscing. … They thoroughly enjoyed it too. I had 3-4 of them crawling around in that little red wagon. Very memorable, lovely memories. There is so much to tell and share with you, do you want to share with me and others?

If yes, let’s share our stories. Write with your fondest memory — or just a little tidbit of your children. Send it to Grandparents Corner, 203 Washington Blvd., Oak Park 60302.

Joie Pierce is an Oak Park resident, public access talk show host and community activist.

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