Redoosevelt: Relocating offices, additional classrooms and replacing those orange panels.DEVIN ROSE/Staff

Construction at Roosevelt Middle School in River Forest should be completed on schedule and should not impede the start of school next month, said District 90’s director of finance and facilities.

Anthony Cozzi said Monday that Happ Builders is done with the major construction work at the school, 7560 Oak Ave. That includes relocation of the school’s main office and nurse’s office, which are now in the front of the school. Three additional classrooms and office and storage space have also been completed. As a life safety measure, more fire extinguishers will be placed in the second-floor Library Learning Center.

On the exterior, workers are finished removing orange panels and windows and have replaced them with brick.

What’s left is work on the interior, Cozzi said, including tile and carpet and painting the new rooms. Contractors are scheduled to be done on Aug. 25. Teachers will return to school Sept. 4, and students arrive Sept. 7.

“There are always complications in renovating old buildings, but nothing caused the contractors to divert from their schedule,” Cozzi said.

A committee looking to improve lighting and signage on the building’s exterior will reconvene in September, he added.

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