"The Intouchables," now playing at the Lake Theatre.

Good news for fans of art/indie/foreign films. Word-of-mouth got around enough so the Lake Theatre decided to keep the French film The Intouchables for a third week (i.e. through Thursday, Aug. 16).

If you haven’t heard the word-of-mouth, here’s a testimonial we received from Roy and Nancy Hlavacek:

“The Journal’s item on The Intouchables [Inside Report, Aug. 1] resulted in our seeing it — one of the best films of the past several years. Your ‘alert’ led to our having many, many laughs and a great weekend getaway from the dark side of the news. Kudos to the Johnsons for programming this non-mainstream, foreign film — we hope they keep them coming!”

Mark Mazrimas, head of marketing for Classic Cinemas, which owns The Lake, says it should be a pretty good late summer for Oak Park movie-goers. They also have Hope Springs (with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones) booked, as well as the satirical Will Ferrell comedy The Campaign.

Voting with your feet (and your seat) will encourage Classic Cinemas to book more off-the-beaten-track films. In other words, if you keep coming, they’ll keep ’em coming.

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