I side with the criticisms and concerns about IDOT’s Eisenhower Expressway project, and I told them my opinion at an open forum they held.

Oak Parkers and area residents should realize that the purpose of highway and road construction is not really to improve roads and driving! Obviously, that’s what is supposed to happen and that is what they expect us to think. My suspicion is that the major reason for this ill-advised and stupid plan is to provide jobs for construction crews and profits for those who most benefit from their plans. This is probably also true for their unnecessary plans to repave Harlem. The issue is always money, even if Illinois cannot afford it.

I am not saying something sneaky is afoot, but just look up the word corruption in the dictionary, and you will see a picture of Springfield. IDOT officials do not care what you and I think or whether businesses will suffer. Their plans, whether for Harlem or elsewhere are not necessarily for the benefit of residents.

Tom Ellerton
Forest Park

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