Remembering my first steps on Japanese soil: I’m nervous, excited a little confused, and observational. I am paired with a family along with my brother Justin. I think we got one of the families that speak the least amount of English; they speak mostly all Japanese. I get dejá vu of when Takumi and Iwana stayed at our house. They are using translators with us and are using a lot of gestures. Well, I got what I wished for being that I wanted to know how to communicate without communicating… They showed us the ropes as best they could; me not understanding and my brother a little more understanding. This is going to be one interesting experience for 2 weeks!

Fortunately, I slept 2 hours without any disturbances (a deep sleep – my body is finally adjusting). It’s only 4:30 am here and the sun is almost up; now I see why it sets so early. Now I have to sleep; I have to be up in 2 hours anyway. I haven’t Skyped my family or anyone else yet. Well…(EARTHQUAKE!!!) It wasn’t a major one, but I’m shaking; that was scary. Brandon’s still sleeping like it’s this everyday; maybe this is what it would be like to live in California. Earthquakes are more common here. That’s why nobody else got up; even the dog is calm. Darn Brandon being able to sleep, I need to talk about this! I wonder how everyone else (Simone, Julian, Eric, Kennedy & Alexis) took the earthquake? I’m not going to lie… I freaked. Well, now that it’s over I guess I’m excited to go swimming at the Saitama YMCA tomorrow. Good morning to you too, Japan.

Until next time,
Brandon & Justin Blaylock
(Forest Park)

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