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I’ve lost track of the days… Today my host family took me to the Hirujuku Street. It is said to be a very famous street in Japan. I noticed a lot of promotions for some kind of chocolate brownie (I know this because I am working toward becoming fluent in Japanese). After we walked the whole street, I went sightseeing at a shrine. I was even lucky enough to witness a wedding!


Our group went to Kawagoe today; it’s like an old village with a shrine and lots of sweets shops. It was ridiculously hot; I had salt rocks leaving my skin (no joke, ask the chaperons)!!! I had some amazing food there, shaved ice and all sorts of pastries. I also saw the bell tower of Kawagoe Today was my last full day with this host family. I’m happy I got to spend time with them, no matter how short the stay was.

Until next time,
Julian Pico
(Oak Park)

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