Thanks to Debbie Zari for capturing our borrowed dress form heading into some great fall fashion photos. (Thanks Green Home Experts - you are fabulous for letting us use it)

Some quick notes on the week and weeks ahead. from your resident Shopping Blogger:

This past week, Careful Peach had it’s most successful Bastille Day Celebration ever. I love that. It makes me happy for Karen and team. It’s simply fantastic really. And the grand show of swing music and cuisine was also really fantastic.

We are on the edge of our first photo shoot for WJ’s Fall Fashion special section. (Last years won best special section from the Illinois Press Association – we have big dreams to do it again) Tomorrow, Thursday July 19, we have models a plenty and a gaggle of kids to help us show off our local fashion wares. Our photo shoots tomorrow are at the Maize library and in a very generous friend’s back yard. I’m hoping for no rain during our backyard portion (though we all want some rain).

A BEGINNERS GUIDE, a video series, is coming dangerously close to kicking into gear. We will be highlighting local businesses, or local artists, or local local whatever by bringing you a video “how to” series beginning in August. Meg (web editor & videographer extraordinaire) and I (and other bloggers – thanks David) have been out and about learning and talking about composting, wine, beer, & karate so far. There is a big list in the Journal offices of how to video’s on our hit list. Much thanks to all those who have participated or will participate in the near future.  

Whole Foods had a great Friday Night al Fresco again this past week.  Wines a plenty for tasting and loads of other fun stuff in the store. I think that the Harlem construction might have been a bit tricky for folks, but it certainly didn’t keep you from coming out for Friday night shopping fun. 

Green Home Experts started carrying LIFE STINKS products from the Dugan sisters of Beverly.  Apparently you can no longer buy these in big box spots – but Green Home Experts aims to please.   These products are a great natural way  – no aluminum – to keep your pits smelling oh so fresh.   And those gals are Chicago local.  

And just a final note on Divine Consign picking up and moving south!  This is just great.  It really positions this southern corridor in our tiny village as a spot for local good quality resale:  Animal Care League, O’ Joy add to the resale mix.   Now someone – please someone, put a resale sporting goods store in that mix and we have a destination of value!  C’mon – soccer cleats and soccer balls alone could support a sports resale shop with all those Oak Park kiddos right?

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Sarah Corbin

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