Former Oak Park Village Manager Tom Barwin hasn’t found his next career opportunity quite yet.

Barwin was a candidate for the city administrator position in both Waukesha, Wis., and Sarasota, Fla., but last month Barwin pulled his name from the Wisconsin job and didn’t receive enough votes for the Florida job.

Barwin said in Florida he was one of the final 106 candidates and received the recommendation of the citizen commission. Although he had the highest support among the city commissioners, he did not receive the required four votes among the group and they opted to reboot its search. Barwin said he won’t be surprised, though, if the group takes another vote on the existing candidates.

For now, however, Barwin is biding his time.

“It took a little while to clear my head —have reflections about quality of life,” Barwin said of his time off. “I’m far too young to think about retirement. I’ll be doing something interesting and hopefully in a fun place.”

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