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The American flag that had gone missing from a home in the 100 block of South Cuyler Avenue on the Fourth of July has been returned, the residents said.

Ray Komorowski said in an email Saturday that “a young man showed up last night at our door with the flag and an apology.” Ray and his wife, Peg, noticed the 9-by-5-foot flag missing when they awoke July 5.

The flag is special to Peg Komorowski, she said in an email last week, because it was draped over her father’s casket when he passed away years ago. Her father fought in World War II, as did his brother, who was killed in the war.

Komorowski said when she and her husband display the flag to honor the country, it also serves as a private tribute to the memory of her dad and his brother. They’ve been putting it out for almost 30 years.

“The moment I noticed it missing, it left a void and sinking feeling deep down,” the email said.

The Komorowskis put a banner in place of the flag that asked for its return, and, Ray said, “the young man did the right thing and the flag is home.”

In April, an American flag that flew over a military installation in Kuwait City during the Gulf War was stolen from an Oak Parkveteran.

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