Oak Park's Fourth of July Parade

Oak Park’s Fourth of July parade put a notch of history in its sweaty belt Wednesday morning. Wednesday Journal meteorologists have delved into the almanacs and believe this parade was the hottest ever, since the annual tradition was revived in 2001.

Wednesday morning’s high temperature of 96.8 degrees beat out of the two previous hottest years of 2011 and 2003 – both tied at 93 degrees. While parade marchers and watchers were trying to stay hydrated and shaded this year, in 2009 they might have been reaching for a long-shelve shirt when the high temperature of the day only reached 69.1 degrees.

The Fourth of July festivities continue with the fireworks display at OPRF starting shortly after dusk.

Past Fourth of July high temperatures for Oak Park

2012 – 96.8

2011 – 93.6

2010 – 92.7

2009 – 69.1

2008 – 75.4

2007 – 85.5

2006 – 79.4

2005 – 89.3

2004 – 82.4

2003 – 93*

2002 – 91*

2001 – 89*

Data courtesy of Weather Underground, wunderground.com

*For years 2001-2003 the tempurates came from Midway Aiport, all other years are from a weather station in Oak Park.

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