I’ve been a member of the Genesis Growers CSA for something like six years. Once a week, every spring and fall, I pick up my box of fresh produce from a designated local home or business. I don’t think twice about it. Maybe I should.

I was talking to Sheila Essig of Tomato Mountain about their CSA, and they do a few things that my CSA has never done, at least to best of my knowledge: they deliver boxes to the homes of individual subscribers, even in the evenings, several times a week.

Home delivery is not only a vastly more convenient way to receive weekly shipments from the farm, it’s more energy efficient because it takes less gas for one vehicle traveling about making deliveries than it does for multiple families with many vehicles making a single back-and-forth trip.

Although I’ve long been a fan of Genesis Growers, I have to admit that my allegiance to this CSA is based in large part on inertia.

If you’re a CSA subscriber, we’d love to hear about our experiences with your CSA and why you find your CSA a good value…or not.


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David Hammond

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