Anyone who has stepped foot through village hall would say that Jan Jankowski made a difference in Oak Park.

Jankowski, the devoted records coordinator was the “backbone of the village clerk’s office,” according to friend and retired colleague Ray Heise.

“Jan Jankowski has set the gold standard for the performance of so many services on behalf of the Village of Oak Park and the village clerk’s office, that it would be difficult to name them all,” he wrote in a reflection piece.

Jankowski spent his last day at village hall Friday surrounded by friends and current and former coworkers, who gave him the proper send off with a short ceremony where he was presented a plaque and a book filled with warm wishes.

“He is one of the most incredible people in the world,” Sandra Sokol, retired village clerk said. “It’s been my great privilege to have met him many years ago. Jan has really being a blessing to us.”

“A guy who did it all with integrity,” one person said.

“And with a smile,” commented another.

Jankowski said he felt a “little ambivalent” Friday as he hates leaving work behind. But he’ll never forget why he loves Oak Park.

“I liked the fact the residents were the most intellectually stimulating, demanding and generous people I’ve ever met. They are concerned about integrity and about integrity of government,” he said. “Oak Park always stood for something. That resonates with me. Public trust means something in Oak Park.”

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