Best in class: Architectual expert Jeanette Fields is a fan of the Sculpture Walk.File 2012

Oak Park should be commended for producing the newly-installed “Oak Park Sculpture Walk.” This is a production worthy of Oak Park. It’s high class and it combines our best features — art, architecture, landscapes, and beautiful neighborhoods. And it’s free! It was developed by the Village of Oak Park and the Oak Park Public Arts Advisory Commission.

This is a walk through about 3½ blocks in the Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District where you’ll see 12 jury-selected sculptures placed in front of architecturally important structures, including churches and homes. It’s an ideal walk, bike ride, or car ride. Because I don’t walk very well, I settled on a rickshaw from Rick’s Tours at 773-771-3922. It was an ideal solution on a beautiful sunny Sunday in June, shared with a friend.

First of all, secure a copy of the brochure “Oak Park Sculpture Walk,” available at the Visitors Center, 1010 Lake St. and 888-OAK-PARK. I suggest that the library also handle them because the tour starts in front. The brochure is a “must.” Beautifully designed, it is crammed with essential information, such as a map of the location of each sculpture, small photos of each piece of art with a description of each one, its title, and the name of the artist.

My only criticism of the project is the description of each sculpture as given in the brochure. I did not find them helpful, in the choice of language or “level” of the write-ups. But that’s a small thing compared with the overall quality of the project.

The display opened June 2 and will continue through mid-October. I hope that the person in charge of public relations is publicizing this throughout the city, especially in the Tribune and Sun Times. We want everyone to know the kind of things that Oak Park does.

Jeanette Fields
Oak Park

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