In response to “Independents need to take a stand” by Gregg Mumm [Viewpoints, June 6], I agree 100 percent. I am taking a stand. I am an independent/conservative, and for the first time since the 2000 election, I am going to vote a straight Republican ticket in November.

It was an easy decision this time as well. It’s not that I consider Obama a lousy president; I don’t. I do consider him somewhat hypocritical considering he campaigned on rhetoric and promises that he pretty much abandoned after his first year in office. In my heart I always knew he would end up following the same foreign policy path that Bush did, and Obama did not disappoint, nor did he shut down Guantanamo.

My issue is more with the economics and the national/state debt. When you campaign about cutting the deficit and then turn around and actually increase it, I have a problem with that. When the only answer the Democrats have is to blame the GOP, the former administration, those evil rich folk and corporate America, well … it’s time for a change that we can really believe in.

I am backing Romney because of what he is, a man who has a business mind and has proven that he can succeed in both the private and political sectors. I am voting mostly against the Democrats because of what I have seen that party do to this state. I would love to hear an explanation as to why Illinois is so broke despite a state income tax that almost doubled; high sales, property, liquor, and tobacco taxes; a lottery; tolls; and pay-to-park as far as the eye can see.

Although I am an Illinois resident, I was glad to see Scott Walker win that absurd recall vote in Wisconsin. The recall vote was supposed to be a tool to remove a governor who was guilty of misconduct, not just because “wah-wah we lost the election, don’t like his policies.” Ironically, Walker erased a huge state deficit. I am also voting for Romney because he is not a member of the party that destroyed this state’s economy.

Oh yeah, one of the last Democrats I voted for was Rod Blagojevich.

Emerson Bolen
River Forest

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