I’m a big fan of the potential of solar power, but it does not seem to be ready for prime time. If the numbers printed in your article are accurate [Avenue garage addition generates benefits, News, June 6], this project makes no economic sense.

It says the project will cost $765,000 and generate 106 megawatt-hours per year. At 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, that amount of electricity will be worth $10,600 per year, which means the project will provide payback after our children are dead, maybe even our grandchildren. I understand the village is only paying for one-fourth of the cost with the state and the feds picking up the rest, but a project with a 70-year payback is not really the best way for our cash-starved governments to spend money.

I’ve been reading for years about the rapidly dropping cost of solar panels. With electricity at 10 cents/kwh, the cost hasn’t dropped far enough to make solar economically viable. Someone please tell me I’m wrong.

Karl Lauger
Oak Park

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