Filming at Petersens

Petersen’s Ice Cream may be known for their delicious ice cream, but the refurbished store front also attracts the attention of filmmakers and politicians alike. On Thursday, the ice cream store was open early while an ad agency from Chicago filmed a TV spot.

“One of our commercials called for a classic, old-fashioned ice cream place,” says Phil Smith, the senior producer on the shoot. “Living in Oak Park and knowing the area, I knew there was only one place to go and that was Petersen’s Ice Cream.”

Petersen’s and their homemade super premium high butter fat ice cream has been around since 1919 and been at the Chicago Avenue location since 1930.

Managing partners George Lois and Jason Skiouris took over in 2007 and they brought back the nostalgic soda jerk feel to the ice cream parlor. And it is that ode to a by-gone era that has drawn the like of Al Rocker, Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and now TV spots.

“I think that’s what people love about Petersen’s. They love the original Americana that is has,” says Skiouris. The store boosts the original counter, chandeliers and a classic Chicago mosaic.

“It’s the small details that people realize and that’s what draws them here, both our very loved customers and people who want to do commercials or advertise.”

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