Ken, why do you stay? [Have Catholics reached the tipping point? Ken Trainor, Viewpoints, May 9] Or if you are not staying, then what gives you the gall to keep writing about the Catholic Church? It is not a democratic institution and it has survived 2,000 years of bigger problems than it is facing right now.

Robert Royal, editor of The Catholic Thing asks, “Can we please have our own Church?” The big frustration with the Vatican coming down on the religious communities has been blown all out of proportion. A few leaders of the Leadership Conference of Women’s Religious worked at putting forth their agenda on women priests, gay clergy, homosexual marriage, etc. This is not the teaching of the Catholic Church. The churches that agree with that thinking would be glad to have them as members.

In the 1970s, Karl Rahner, a renowned maverick theologian, warned, “The Church cannot become a debating society: It must be able to make decisions binding on all within it.” As active, participating Catholics, most of us follow Rome. Those who feel abused by this approach, go off to Willow Creek or other churches and we wish them well.

To have you month-after-month pontificating on how to make the Catholic Church fit you is an insult to Catholics and a comic strip for any of its enemies. Considering the issues that Oak Park would like to have worked on, such as parking, improving Madison Street, reducing discipline problems at OPRF, everyday crime in the village, etc., you could possibly be more effective in those areas?

Jack Flynn
River Forest

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